Winnipeg turns the corner

After a last-minute loss to Chicago, I decided to change things up.  Pulled out an old favorite for the goal song in strat, swapped in some Brass Bonanza and it worked.  The Jets reeled off 4 straights wins to go 4-1-0 this interval.
To change the goal song or any of the wav files used in the computer game, just find the wav file you want to use and copy it to C:\SOMH\DATA.  Rename the current file, (i.e. homegoal.wav to old_homegoal.wav) so you have it if you want to revert back and then rename the wav file you copied in.  In my case with the attached goalstereo.wav I renamed it to homegoal.wav.
Just something to add to the fun.  If you can only find an mp3, you can use free sites to convert the files.  This is the one I used for Brass Bonanza.

DATE       VISITOR                 HOME                       RECORD
01/02/2020 Chicago CHI           4 Winnipeg WIN          3    (11-15-0-5)
01/04/2020 Philadelphia PHI      1 Winnipeg WIN          2    (12-15-0-5)
01/06/2020 New Jersey NJD        0 Winnipeg WIN          4    (13-15-0-5)
01/08/2020 New York NYI          1 Winnipeg WIN          4    (14-15-0-5)
01/10/2020 Vegas VGK             4 Winnipeg WIN          7    (15-15-0-5)

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