Block 1 Vancouver Canucks

Sort of caught up on things and played my games, going 3-1-1.

Game #1 Blues 2 Canucks 4




Three third period goals and not giving the Blues a PP while going 1 for 4 themselves power them to the win.

Game #2 Bruins 1 Canucks 4

This time three first period goals power the Canucks, although Draisaitl’s early third period goal spoils the shutout.




Game #3 Sharks 5 Canucks 6

After being swept in the finals by SJ, a very satisfying win. Like the finals, Vancouver took an early 2-0 lead only to have San Jose roar back to take a 5-3 lead. But this time they had no Luongo and Hellebuyck gives up three goals in less than four minutes late in the third period to give Vancouver the game.




Game #4 Knights 1 Canucks 0 After scoring 14 goals in their first three home games, the well goes dry as they not only get shutout but also only get one goalie rating in the entire game. Rask tries to steal the game, but gives up a goal to Skinner with less than two minutes left in the third period.




Game #5 Islanders 2 Canucks 1 OT Khudobin plays great and Karlsson scores in the OT late to give the Isles the extra point.


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