Canucks preview

Canucks Break Training Camp
So, the big news out of training camp is the announcement by the Sedin twins that this will be their last year.  In camp it was discovered that Henrik’s wrists have gotten so weak that he would have trouble scoring against a midget team goalie. Unless we are hopelessly out of the playoffs toward the end of the year, poor Henrik will basically be in the press box, being a PR guy.  When asked if he minded not playing while his brother continued to get ice time, Henrik replied, “Its OK if Daniel gets most of the attention this year, all our lives I’ve got the bulk of the attention, being the good looking one and all.”
After the Sedin announcement goalie Roberto Luongo requested a trade.  Management replied he was well loved, posed to have a great year, and we’d hate to lose him.  To which he responded, “If you really love me, you’d let me play for a playoff team, which you are not going to be for a while.” Ouch, Roberto. The truth hurts, but he’s right.  We came in last, we are rebuilding, and older players should be moved for young ones. But before we could reply the phone rang, Sharks on the phone with an offer you Roberto. Seems his agent went team shopping.  Bye, bye Roberto.
After which Alex Edler came in with the same message as Roberto.  “If my fellow Swedes are gone next year, I want to go too.  Again the phone rings, Colorado with a trade offer, bye-bye Alex.
After which Jussi Jokinen  comes in with a trade request.  But this time, no phone call, not even an offer for an 8th round draft pick. Out of frustration we say “Just go back to Sweden” and we cut him. He reminds us that he’s from Finland.  Close enough.
After which David Krecji asks for a trade mentioning all the Swedes leaving again.  We remind him that he isn’t Swedish or even Scandanavian, but if he stays he can center the first power play unit this year.  That made him happy enough to agree to stay.
So when the dust clears, here is this year’s depth chart:
LW  Gaudreau                                                        C  Zajac                    RW  Dadonov
       Johansson/Eriksson (79 GP between them)        Krejci                            Boeser
       Jenner                                                                   Johnson                        Malgin (Surprisingly good card)
       D Sedin                                                                Galchenyuk                    Jarnkrok
       Nieto                                                                      Lowry                            Fast
LD  Josi                RD  Gostisbehere            G  Rask
       Vlasic                    Miller                             Bishop
       Hickey                   Tanev                           Georgiev
        Mete                     DeMelo
On double secret probation (To quote Dean Wormer from “Animal House”)
Zaitsev, Carlo, Eakin, Wood, Lindblom, Sissons, Martinook, Caggiula.
In the last few year’s, with a couple of exceptions, we have finished in either the top 4 or the bottom 4, this year (to me) looks like it could be another exception.  We’re aiming high; middle of the pack, baby.
Good luck to everyone this year, hope we all have fun.

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