Bruins- Dallas series

Dallas Boston Split Series Games in Boston
Game 3:
Score: Dallas 4 Boston 1

Goals: DS: Atkinsson, Arvidsson. Holden Staal
BB: Palat

Nets: DS: Bobrovsky 21-22 shots, 0/0 RS
BB: Budaj 52-56 shots 8/10 RS

PP: DS 1-6 BB 0-2

Stars: 1 Arvidsson 2 Stall 3 Karlsson

Game 4
Score: Dallas 1 Boston 2

DS: Kesler
BB: Vanek Perry

DS: Bobrovsky 26-28 shots 5/5 RS
BB: Budaj 31-32 shots 8/9 RS

PP: DS 0-6 BB 0-1

Stars: 1 Budaj 2 Vanek 3 Perry

If Dallas had its powerplay operating at peak proficiency then this series would be an unqualified rout. But Boston’s penalty killers must be paid their due as they held the Dallas powerplay to 1 out of 12.

Attached is the CM for Game 5

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