Colorado post Season preview

2017 Avalanche Post Season Preview

Patrick Roy and the Avalanche set a goal at the beginning of the season. Let’s make the playoffs this year.

The Avs began the season with its normal abysmal start. By the midway point it appeared that their chances were once again slipping away and an opportunity for growth and a playoff spot thwarted. Their young core were working hard but underperforming when it came right down to it. High scoring Steven Stamkos was lost to injury for the season after igniting a spark for the club. Goaltending that was counted on to keep pucks out were allowing goals by the boat loads. Something drastic needed to be done.

TRADE DEADLINE: Roy had seen enough and he knew that if his young guns were going to succeed, then they needed some savvy veteran leadership to lead them the rest of the way. The Avalanche management quickly went to work and started to make deals to obtain the type of players the young core needed to learn from. Enter Ryan Getzlaf and Joe Pavelski from Winnipeg for Ryan Johansen and Markus Nutivaara. Then an addition of Kyle Palmieri from Vancouver for Tuukka Rask. These three players added the grit and tenacity that was vividly missing from the core group. All of a sudden this team became a team of destiny. A team to be reckoned with. They finished with a 15-5 record after the trade deadline. Not only capturing a playoff spot but finishing in 5th place overall. A great accomplishment for this young team.

The Avalanche are excited to be playing in the post season for the first time in franchise history (at least under this ownership group) and are looking to make some waves and gain some much needed experience along the way. Patrick Roy was quoted: ”I know that lots of teams had us out of the picture, but we are here now, and will be here for a while. So our loyal fans should get excited for some great playoff hockey. Our team is built to last. So let’s GO AVS!!”

Kevin Anton – Colorado Avalanche

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