Playoff matchups

While we did well as a league in regards to player Games Played (only 3 players over, all on different teams and for low amounts) we did poorly in regards to the schedule, hopefully we’ll do better with that next season.

The playoff file is attached, those of you in the top 8 please use it to make your playoff road CMs. Please have them submitted by this Saturday 6/3 so I can review them and release the play file by Sunday. The match-ups:

1. Chicago vs. 8. San Jose

2. Los Angeles vs. 7. New York

3. Dallas vs. 6. St. Louis

4. Vancouver vs. 5. Toronto

OT is continuous sudden-death, so your lines should be 4F/3D just like periods 1 & 2.


PS- As it turned out my home game vs. San Jose was a critical “4 point game” which would have gotten my Devils into the playoffs, instead I lost 3-1 to miss the playoffs for the 9th straight season. Bummer.