Howe Lottery

We should be soon getting a look at the Hockey Cards on the SOM website, as I believe they came out last year around July 13th! With that said, it’s time for the GHC Rookie Draft Lotttery & I believe that you can’t go wrong with a Top 4 Pick, in my humble opinion, with the likes of McDavid, Eichel, Panarin , Larkin, being the Swami’s Top 4!

So, the odds were 40% for Buffalo & they were represented by these 4 cards , Taylor Hall, Niklas Kronwall, Alexandre Burrows, & John-Michael Liles! Next , the Devils with a 30% chance & it was Derek Stepan, Jaromir Jagr, & Tomas Tatar whose cards were thrown in the pile! A 20% chance for Boston with Jamie Benn & Evgeni Malkin tossed in. Just a 1 in 10 chance (10%)for Vancouver
& last years Rookie Johnny Gaudreau was the lone Canuck card in the pile . With a shuffle or two, upside down of course so that Swami couldn’t see, dice roll & the card is revealed….

Evgeni Malkin, the Bruins have the #1 pick in this years Rookie Draft! Take Jamie Benn out, 8 cards remain, Sabres now have a 50% chance at #2 & the card is flipped after another dice roll, it’s longtime veteran Sabre Alexander Burrows! Take the rest of the Sabres out, just 4 cards remain & the Devils with a 75% chance see Tomas Tatar get turned over! So, it will be Boston, Buffalo, New Jersey, Vancouver for the Top 4 picks, oh boy, can’t wait for the Draft!





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