2016 draft

The Boston Bruins, Buffalo Sabres and the New Jersey Devils had the first three picks in the draft. This could be a draft of the ages with all the future all-stars available

The complete draft list can be seen in the pdf file below

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#1.The 2016 draft looked to be one of great depth. After looking at the first round, it certainly was. I think all sixteen teams in the first round are incredibly happy with the talented they have added for this year. The Boston Bruins got the party started when they took “Generational player” Connor McDavid. McDavid’s points per game led all rookies and if he had played the whole season would most likely have been the NHL rookie of the year. The kid has tremendous speed and with than speed and an inordinant amount of skill and smarts. He will be a Bruin stud for many years to come.


#2. With the second pick of the draft, the Buffalo Sabres went with another speedster in Dylan Larkin. Larkin had a tremendous first year the Red Wings and should help Mike Swain’s Buffalo Sabres for years to come. He has versatility in that he can play the wing or down the middle like he showed at the World Junior tournament where he was a star.





#3. With the third pick, the New Jersey Devils picked up American superstar Jack Eichel. Eichel and McDavid had been mentioned together so many times over the years. Who would be the first NHL player taken in the draft? Who would win rookie of the year? Their names will be synonymous for years to come. The Devils picked up a tremendous young power forward in Eichel.