Black Hawks off season

chicago uniform

Well the rookie draft is over and the BlackHawks had a busy off season, if you look at the moves and the draft you will see that we pretty saw what the swami had seen with our team and we feel we filled in the holes. We felt we needed a good scoring LW and some depth on the 3rd and 4th lines and also to improve our RD depth.

so we added
LW M.Pacioretty (we get a true 1 LW)
RW J.Williams (good depth player)
RW J.Ward (see aboe)
C/RW Hayes (4th line center but i hope he continues to improve)
C B.Horvat (I see him as a future 4-4 guy)
RD D.Sverson (3-3 RD and he should get top pairing with the Devils)
LD/RD Neserov (was good in the playoffs, i see an improved card with more games)
LD/RD Trottman (not expecting much)
LD/RD M.Mueller (I think he ends up a 2-4 guy in a couple of years)
LD N.Beaulieu (my homer pick, but he will play 2nd pairing with Petry, i can see him as a 3-1, 3-2 k passer next year, Markov getting older means more ice time for him, fingers are crossed)

still with 2 picks in the ufa left the projected lineup is


D.Brown/B.Horvat should be the fillers

3rd line Center will be shared
Dubinsky 47GP will play all home games +6 road
Hanzal will play 35 road games


Kulikov to be LD fillers
Nesterov/Trotman to play RD fillers

Holtby 73GP
Elliot 9 GP

Power Play unit 1

Power Play unit 2
Williams-Stralman(Nesterov when he plays)

PK unit 1

PK unit 2

wish list would to get a good 3rd line RW checker who can score a little

So all in all pretty happy a big weakness last year was our bottom pair on defense but this year we should be a lot better, can’t wait to see what the Swami thinks in his next write up.


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