First round draft order and PDF of draft

draft14PDF file of draft order is attached.

First round order

6. Sharks
7. Minnesota
8. Toronto
10. Kings
11. St.Louis
12. St.Louis
13. Phoenix
14. Colorado
15. Vancouver
16. Islanders

Draft order for five rounds attached.GHCL 2014_DRAFT order

Draft news… starts this Friday

Files are attached.

See attached, there is OpenOffice, PDF and Excel versions.

I’m pretty sure the Rookie lists are correct, if anyone finds a mistake let me know.

Unexpectedly I am out of town tomorrow through Friday evening, found out last Friday and have been scrambling to get things done since. Friday is the day I scheduled to start the e-mail rookie draft, and since there have been no objections to it I was going to proceed. However, we do not have a replacement for Toronto yet. They pick 8th in each round, if someone who doesn’t pick near them wants to volunteer to select for them let me know. And again if someone knows a good candidate for a replacement have them contact me.

GHCL 2014-Roster-rok-fa

GHCL 2014-Roster-rok-fa