Key Dates

Playoff update – we’re up to the finals, with the top two regular season teams (Tampa and Vancouver) squaring off.

Ashley has resigned as GM of Toronto due to time issues. If anyone can recommend a good replacement please let me know, the sooner the better.

See attached – I’ve included the rosters (updated through the end of the season) and also Strat’s pre-season ratings preview (which came out yesterday).

Big topic – the 2014 draft. Last year’s was a bit of a disaster, with some of you having trouble logging in and then my internet connection going down. The issues with doing it live with a file sharing program are threefold:

1. Finding a free program that suits our needs (and even when we do, like, they made the full version a pay version so we lost the # of attendees we needed).

2. Problems attendees have connecting, which has occurred a number of times over the years for various reasons.

3. My connection for hosting – due to Comcast and the other big carriers not giving a crap about service anymore we can’t guarantee that the host/attendees can all stay connected for the length of the draft.

In fact as I typed up this e-mail my connection went down, had to save to a file to continue. Ridiculous.

So with this in mind we will going to an e-mail draft this year. We will start earlier by using the Strat ratings preview as our draft list (modified for our purposes, which I’ve already begun doing). I’ve worked up a preliminary schedule:

Round 1 7/25 to 8/01

Round 2 8/02 to 8/09

Round 3 8/10 to 8/17

Round 4 8/18 to 8/25

Round 5 8/26 to 9/02

Basically 8 days per round or 2 picks per day average. And if we can do it faster great, but I wanted to allow for vacations and such. Cuts won’t be due until the Free Agent draft, which will be held after the “” full preview comes out (last year was on 9/15):

Cuts due 9/19

FA draft 9/20 to 9/27

Trading ends 9/28

Road CM’s due 10/05

Season begins 10/12

We could do the FA draft right after the rookie draft but I still think it is important for contending teams to know what they are getting when making that FA selection. This setup also allows us to make our cuts about the same time we normally would in relation to the NHL season, so we have an idea what players have been signed and/or made their respective teams.